2 thoughts on “All Along The Watchtower Main Solo Breakdown Lesson tabs

  1. I am a member who paid the $5. I cannot sign into this page for some reason. i want to down load the “all along the watch tower” solo but I can’t. When i try and reset the password it says my email doesn’t exist. What to do please? I initially signed up and paid with braavnuwurld@hotmail.com. But when I was trying to sign in and couldn’t i picked “sign in with google” and went on to use my gmail address of urbannoirartist@gmail.com Can you help me login so that I can download the riff? thank you kindly

    1. Hi sir,
      the link to download tabs is not here, but on Patreon, in a pinned post on top. You will get a .rar file with 1051 guitar tabs, among them is also a tab for the complete song All Along the watchtower. I have also left you a link to all the tabs in .png format in our conversation on Patreon,
      thank you


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